Meet The Lessers

We’re Jennifer and Todd Lesser—the Lesser-Known Runners. (HA…get it?!)

We live in Central New Jersey, and we just so happen to be both runners and writers. So when we’re not out on the roads, we’re usually behind a computer screen. We share an affinity for proper grammar and punctuation are huge nerds, and spend more time than we care to admit debating about things like whether or not “half marathon” should be hyphenated. (Jen says no, Todd says yes…in case you were wondering).


Because it’s totally normal to run a marathon on your honeymoon…right…?

We met on in 2013, and spent several weeks composing looong e-mails about sneakers, fueling, and why it was so gosh-darned difficult to run more than five miles without wanting to die. Jen already had a few halfs and a full marathon under her belt, and she was more than happy to answer all of Todd’s newbie questions and explain to him why cotton sweatpants and 12-year-old cross trainers were not acceptable attire for distance running.

DSCF4023 copy

Our very first race together ❤

We’ve since been fortunate enough participate in high-profile marathons such as New York, Philadelphia, Paris, and Rome. And, yes, we almost always dress in some sort of costume or themed outfit. Because Jen likes costumes and Todd is a very, very patient man.


Running as “apples” for the NYC Marathon…seemed like the obvious choice. 😉

Many of you may know Jen from her weight-loss and running blog, The Final Forty, where she chronicled her weight loss transformation and recapped and reviewed many of our races. We both appreciated the support and encouragement we received from runners of all levels and abilities, and we’re so excited to have this forum to share as a couple.

Untitled design

Because this seemed as good a place as any for your standard “before and after” photo

Though we still both spend an inordinate amount of our time training for marathons, we’ve started to mix it up a bit…Jen has fallen head first into the world of triathlon, and Todd is dabbling in trail running.


After an open water swim race with our favorite running buddy: our four-legged son, Miles

In 2016, we officially became permanent running partners when we got married in Walt Disney World. It was a fitting location, since we both love all things Mouse. Every year, we go down to Florida to run the Disney World Marathon, and Jen actually completed her first-ever marathon as part of the inaugural Dopey Challenge.

J,T0783 11-10-16

We love the mouse…but Donald will always be #1

The bottom line? We’re not particularly fast runners, and we won’t be getting endorsement deals any time soon. We’re middle-of-the pack athletes who enjoy the triumphs and challenges that running has brought to our lives. Hopefully, we can provide you with some inspiration in this blog, and at the very least, give you something fun to read before you lace up your shoes and head out the door.

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Questions, comments, suggestions? Shoot us an e-mail at We’d love to hear from you!